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World's first total ecological building discovery by
Vitaly Grebnev
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Walkthrough of a real house in Russia which was constructed by GRIFFIN using Grebnev's architectural invention

An interview with The author "The Architecture of Noosphere" – Vitaly Grebnev

Experience shared by the owner of the house


It is important to answer the next question - why?

Why should we build dimensions with curved surfaces, if all has been already adjusted for building plane, cubical constructions long time ago?

Yes, that's quite right, but God, The Universal Ratio, does neither design nor build in that way ...

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  • conception
  • advantages of spheroid houses
  • role of form
  • conclusion
the conception of noosphere

The basic principles of construction of modern human dwelling are yet the same since dolmens and megaliths. The frame (support) and the ceiling - that is the core of a construction being. Walls are the support overlapped from the top with slabs, which are the ceiling. Stone, wood, metal and reinforced concrete are the basic materials for these purposes.

The ideal form is a sphere (ball)

Wise nature has put the source of life into an egg - not into a cube! Human's skull is a spheroid too. All celestial bodies are spherical - not cubic! The World is full of flying balls - but not of flying cubes!

It is advisable to fence air volume with light shapes (forms), which are in harmony with outward things.

The nature does not create complicated, nonmobile structures and technologies, unlike our ways of construction.

It all flows, it all changes in the divine world, because the nature does not have a right angle.

The mankind's understanding of the Universe began from a conception of gold ball, gold egg, which had the Universe unwrapped from, like from the symbol of creative origin.

A house as a basis of human's living should be considered and set in from its center, from its central point.

As all living organisms and atomic structures were conceived and initiated by the Divine intent. How could you set in a right angle or a square here? That all would fall to pieces.

From the standpoint of enyology (don't confuse with envirology) – a science studying processes of energy-informational exchange in the world - domes and covings possess the feature of regular distribution of load and energy intenseness concentrations.

Unlike angles (and especially close to 90 degree), spherical shapes have integral feature of steady stress field without any considerable zones of intenseness or pathogenic abnormalities (anomalies).

Scientists know many Galaxies, but for some reason none of them has a square or a rectangle in its foundation. And the same situation can be seen in microworld

the Advantages & Potential of Construction of Jointlessly Erected Nonreinforced Spheres
The strength of a sphere is provided for regular distribution of loads between all points of its surface. It works perfectly both under constriction and under sag (deflection). These ones are construction axioms.
  • Sphere is the best form for the house in case of wind or snow forces.
  • Sphere possesses the biggest volume having the least surface area at the same time.
  • The materials consumption, labour-intensiveness and time of sphere fabrication are minimal.
  • As the sphere is jointlessly made, therefore heat loss is minimized and heating installation is minimal.
  • Everything required for spheres construction can be mounted on 2 or 3 trucks.
  • You don't need renovation of roof as it can't leak initially!.
  • The question of airing and ventilation is solved very simply - an air-tight round-shaped window at the top of sphere.
  • Sphere-house is cheap in operation; there's no need to renovate or paint frontage, roof, slab floor or attic floor.
  • Considering spheres' lightness, solidity and stiffness it is extremely effectually to build it in seismically dangerous regions.
When the mankind lived and developed itself in some round-shaped dwellings (in layout): jurts, wigwams, marquees, chyums, - it understood the nature and was indissoluble with it in its conscience.
Having moved into cubes we began to fight with nature.

The time had come long time ago to change our attitude to construction. Using our technologies or somebody's else ones, but we should build differently - more rapidly, easier, with less charges, concordantly with nature, with world.

And we have made first steps in that direction...

At present our technology is production-proven. All the problems that had been set theoretically were successfully solved in practice And now we have the right to speak about the possibility of rapid erecting of relatively inexpensive dwellings.

There are some means to reduce the price of construction, if using locally purchased materials and excluding cement from work process. There are patented technologies, aimed at fulfilment of engineering jobs in 2-5 days, according to its function, and most of spheres and radial surfaces can be erected in 2-3 hours

Having adjusted the technologies of making spheres of different sizes right at the site, we create cheap (that is just like the nature should have) always new construction.

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